Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Dear Friend

If you read the comments below for my Saint Patrick's Day post, you will find one written with a beautiful thick Irish accent. This is written by my dear friend Patricia. Patricia was my Joy School (preschool) teacher, as well as one of my best friend's mothers (which made her one of my "other" mother's.)

Patricia's mother in law is from Ireland. Because of this and many other reason's I'm sure, Patricia fell in love with Ireland. We always caught a bright glimpse of this every year for Saint Patty's Day (no coincidence that at the time we called her "Patty":)

St. Patrick's Day was celebrated at that Pott's home by a huge celebration! Filled with Lot's of Green Food (mostly artificial;) relay races to kiss the Blarney Stone for good luck, I remember something to do with green toilet paper... (wonder what that was all about?) Music, and it would not have been complete without our Patricia speaking in the Irish tongue.

Thank you Patricia for these sweet memories! You have truly enriched my life in Many Many ways!!

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Patricia Potts said...

Thanks for that very kind, loving tribute Lena. If anyone is interested I'd be happy to email them my St. Patricks Party outline and shopping list. Just email me at
Thanks for reminding me of the blarney stone!!

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