Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Remembering Funny Stories: Pregnancy Sickness

I need to write about something funny! These stories that I am about to share are Funny NOW. They were definitely not funny at the moment. But I feel like reminiscing. Leif and I were thinking back trying to figure out when the last time was that we had a romantic weekend together without any children. We remembered, and this is where I will begin:

When Jakob was almost 2 years old we found out I was pregnant again. We were excited! We knew that it wouldn't be easy to get away together once we had another baby. So Leif and I took the opportunity to go on a little business convention trip to Park City. We left Jakob with grandma and set out on our way. Now something you have to realize is that I was a few days shy of my sixth week of pregnancy. We knew that we were cutting things close when it came to my traditional pregnancy sickness trimester. But we wanted to get away together. So we decided to risk it. And we paid the price!

All went wonderful for the whole trip up to the last day. We had a wonderfully romantic hotel room, yummy food, and a great time together. And Then it happened! I woke up the morning that we were supposed to go home and I FELT IT, PREGNANCY SICKNESS! I remember nibbling on an apple and crackers telling myself that this would go away and the next six hours in a moving car, winding through the mountains would not faze me. I got up, got dressed, got in the car, and we started to drive. We made it three miles to the McDonald's parking lot. That is where the fun began... once the car stopped, I immediately opened the door and lost all contents of my stomach in the parking lot. In any other situation you would just stop and wait until the illness went away. But we knew otherwise. This was only going to get increasingly worse for the next 8 weeks. So, we drove on.

I had a plastic bag with me that was respectfully dubbed the "gag bag." We made it to Provo when Leif really started to wonder if I was going to survive the journey. He decided to pull off on a random exit and look for a church. It was a Sunday and he knew he could find a church right away and find someone to help him give me a blessing. We did find a church right away. He helped me out of the car and into a chair. Then we realized something, everyone around us was speaking Spanish! We had fell upon a Spanish speaking ward.:) Luckily, we found someone who spoke English and Leif and this brother gave me a blessing. The power of the priesthood is real! From that point on I managed to fall asleep for the next several hours.

I remember how it felt to arrive home and see my sweet mother in law and her sympathetic face as she handed me a cup of ice chips to suck on. Little did we know, that was only the beginning... I found out that I was pregnant with twins a couple of weeks later.

I have several pregnancy sickness stories I could share. Like the one where Leif drove me to work in the morning and I stepped out of the car, puked in the snow, and walked in to the house where I worked. Or the time when I woke the little boy up in the morning with my melodious worship session of the porcelain throne. And Finally, a word of advise: NEVER suck on frozen cherries when you have the threat of throwing them up! They are a bugger to clean up! ;)

Looking back, these stories makes Leif and I smile and chuckle. They are NO FUN at the moment that they are taking place. But ahhh, the memories and lessons they teach us in the end.


Molly said...


Melissa F said...

I forgot what a great story teller you are! Glad I found you on Facebook today!
Pregnancy Sickness stories are awesome once it is past. Looking up out of the trash can as my boss walked into our shared office was my favorite.

Heidi Hamilton said...

Yes - the humor is elluding me right now... maybe in another couple weeks :)
I know I have a few of those stories to share with my kids - although I know my mom's are worse.

Steph said...

That doesn't help me get over my fear of morning sickness when I get pregnant! I hate throwing up, it is the worst feeling. I'm glad that you can laugh at it now though!

Janee said...

I think I'm scarred for life from my PG sickness! Glad you can look back and find some humor in it - I don't think I ever will :)

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