Wednesday, April 01, 2009

One Year Ago

I think pregnancy things are on my mind because Caleb is turning one year old. Yesterday I realized that I have a really great picture that depicts how I felt and looked one year ago today.:)

This photo was taken one week before Caleb was born. I was obviously EXTREMELY pregnant and I was desperate to be done with the pregnancy. So, we went hiking:) The next day we went one a very very bumpy off road trip in a truck. Each day after that I walked a good mile every day. This desperation lasted for five or so days. Then I finally just accepted the fact that this was just out of my hands. So I relaxed. Up to that point my body refused to progress towards labor. Once I relaxed and let nature take it's course, it did. Ahhh, the joys of the journey!
BTW: Tiffany, that's what I mean by "Hippo Pregnancy Syndrome!" ;)


Sandra said...

LOL about the Hippo Pregnancy Syndrome. Every pregnant woman in there last weeks of pregnancy feel huge. You didn't look huge, if you want to see huge you should see my pics he he. I read the post underneath about pregnancy sickness. Thats good that you felt good for most of the trip. I always feel bad after hearing stories like that. I've only thrown up a couple times while prego. The first was my own fault. I was barely pregnant with Danika. We were out in the sun all day (not much water) fishing and then went down a canyon with all sorts of twisty roads. I had remember hearing that if you get sick eating crackers will help. Well we had crackers with us but they were CHEESE crackers. I start downing them, thinking they will help....bad idea. We had just been married for a couple months so I was horrified that I was throwing up on the side of the road with Kevin watching. I remember him coming over to hold my hair and comfort me but I just told him to get away I was so embarrased. Ahh the memories. The second time it was just after having some Alfredo. I avoid alfredo when pregnant now. I had a friend who got sick after eating it too. It's good that you can look back and laugh about it.

Janee said...

LOL ah the joys of being preggo :) I feel like a hippo right now! Ah I'm SO hot and uncomfortable! Anyway, this reminded of the end of my pregnancy with Maya - Dan and I walked 2-3 miles everyday, I bounced on a ball, we did EVERYTHING to start labor and she just wouldn't come out! Hopefully this one won't be so stubborn :)

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