Monday, April 27, 2009

Two Jobs - A Family - And School! How Does He Do It?

I was asked to give the details of how Leif has been so successful in school while still working two jobs and being a great family man. So I'll take a minute and try to give some insight into how he does it.

The first thing I want to clarify is that Leif still has a many more years left of schooling ahead. This graduation was his Associates. He is working towards a Masters Degree as a Nurse Anesthetist.

Anyway, I was thinking about what I would say to answer this question and I think I figured out one of Leif's great tools. When he was a Massage Therapy student he made a firm decision. He made the decision that he would never do homework on Sunday. He has followed through with this commitment and I believe that he has reaped the rewards so far.

All of Leif's classes are online. This is another way that he has been able to fit so much into his schedule. With so much going on (and the commitment to not study on Sunday) it takes planning ahead and organizing in order to get everything accomplished. I try to find out what he's up against with school so I can keep it in mind as I give him "honey-do's." I also try to make time for him to do his school work and encourage him when I can. So we work together to help him be successful. However, it is not me who forces him to study. He does that!

Leif is also a smart man. He is able to retain knowledge well and he is very good at taking tests. This makes it possible for him to skim through his text and pass the test. However, now that he is starting in on his more intense classes, we have made arrangements so Leif will only be working part time. This will make it possible for him to READ his text and retain more of what he is being taught.

Really, I feel blessed to have a husband who is seriously dedicated to earning his degree(s) with honors. This gives me strength and courage to continue when things get overwhelming. I am very grateful for Leif's example to our family and his dedication. I am very proud of him!

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Patricia Potts said...

...behind every great man is a great woman...that's you!

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