Thursday, April 02, 2009

What We're Doing To Help Our Four Year Old Find General Conference Exciting!

Thank you everyone who sent me your ideas of how we can help Jakob enjoy General Conference (which will help ALL of us enjoy conference.) Last year we weren't able to really pay attention to conference. Jakob was young and I was Very Pregnant. I vowed that the following year would be better. That we would actually be able to recall what was taught. So here is our plan.

  • I will make sure the house gets clean (especially around the computer, which is where we will watch conference.)

  • We will have a special Family Home Evening centered on King Benjamin in the Book of Mormon and the General Conference that they had (told about in Mosiah Chapter 2). I think we will have Leif play King Benjamin and he will teach us from the tower (our front porch) and we will sit below and learn about their conference when they sat in tents and listened to conference. Jakob will love the next part;) We're going to build our own "Conference Tent" with the door open towards the computer screen so we can watch conference. I thought I came up with this fun idea. But the seed must have been planted in my mind a long time ago. Because if you go to you'll find it sprinkled throughout their ideas. Either way, Leif and I are Really Excited! We're going to put blankets up with string and clothes pins. This will go along with our FHE. But it will also make boundaries for Jakob while we watch conference. I will bring in all of the treats, activities, and picnic food. And we will stay in the tent during conference. I hope it turns out fun!


  • We will watch conference in our tent. I printed off an activity packet for each of us from Jakob's is all coloring pictures. I printed one that is for older kid's for Leif and I. Who said parents don't need help paying attention during conference!? Ours has a page for each speaker. We get to draw his face and doodle. But it also has a place for us to take notes. It also has a special page for the new apostle who will be called. It should turn out cute and be helpful.

  • We'll play the game where we get a little treat for certain words that are said during conference (like service, preparedness, etc.) we bought WAY too much chocolate for this whole weekend. I'm a sucker for Easter Candy. We bought things for trail mix too and veggies and dip (that helps me feel better;)

  • Conference BINGO of course. I remember playing this as a little girl with my family. Sugardoodle has BINGO cards if you don't want to make your own.

  • I'm going to pull out the centerfold pictures of the General Authorities out of the Ensign. Each time someone new gets up to speak, we will give Jakob a treat if he can find the speakers photo.

  • Jakob loves to play with clay and doe so I am going to make some play doe for him.

With all of these activities we should have a great experience with some great memories. I have always enjoyed conference. As a youth I would go with my friends to the Tabernacle and listen to conference outside on the lawn. I remember one time we had Elder L. Tom Perry come out and shake our hands. That was a very special time. I vaguely remember going with my family too. Either way conference was always a part of my life. I am grateful for that! Having a prophet on the earth today is a very special gift. We will become more and more grateful for his presence, guidance, and authority as the years progress.


Sandra said...

Amen :) I need to be as prepared as you. I have got the authorities pictures in black and white so when they find someone they can color it. In the past we have printed the conference packets also. I'm sure Danika and Andrew will get a lot but the other's I'm not so sure. I love the tent idea.

Miss Sarah in Georgia said...

Hi! I'm a random visitor who found your blog through your comment on another blog. :) Great ideas for Conference--thanks for sharing.

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