Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend Rundown

Leif's school and work made Easter Weekend their Spring Break. So that made our weekend extra long. We've tried to enjoy the time together as we also focused on the Easter celebration.

Our little family has the tradition of doing the "silly" part of Easter on Saturday so we can focus on the true meaning of Easter on Sunday.

Friday started out the fun this year. We woke up bright and early and went to our local plant nursery to choose our first three baby chicks (named: Bessy Boo, Sally, and Sue.) Our main batch of chicks won't arrive for another couple of weeks. But we were excited and had to take the opportunity to get a few from the local nursery while they still had them. They are really cute and a lot of fun. It will be interesting to see how it is to have a whole lot more then three... It will be fun! Friday night we went out for pizza with Leif's parents. We were all going to meet up afterwards to color Easter eggs. But right before heading up to our house Leif's dad was cutting a branch off of a willow tree and cut his finger. He had to go get stitches:( So we painted eggs with just our little family. We decided to paint eggs this year instead of the traditional coloring.

Saturday morning we woke up to silly fun-filled Easter baskets. They had real lettuce in them instead of the traditional plastic grass. Jakob was thrilled to find a bag of Army Men to play with, Silly song music CD's, and a huge Hidden Pictures coloring book. The fun part was the fact that Papa's bed time story the previous night had all come true! Just like in the movie "Bed Time Stories."

We were worried that it would rain Saturday morning during the town Easter egg hunt. But luckily the storm blew over in the middle of the night and we didn't have rain to contend with. Jakob had a good time running around gathering as many eggs as his little hands could pick up. It was a short hunt. But not a disappointing one (as usual!)

Caleb woke up with another ear infection Saturday morning. I was SOOO Bummed! It drained me of my cheerful energy. I feel bad about that! I was no fun at all Saturday. Luckily I have a forgiving family! We were going to get together with Leif's sister and her kids Saturday. But she was sick too. It really put a damper on the whole day. But we're over that day now and there's a more cheerful outlook in the home.

Sunday morning was like every other Sunday morning when your meeting starts at 9:00AM. Rush to get ready and get to church on time! It took me until the middle of Sacrament meeting to get over my grumbling spirit and allow the beauty of the day to penetrate my "Moody Mama" heart. Once that happened I was able to feel of the healing touch of the Lord. Leif sang in the choir with his parents. They sang one of my favorite songs: Beautiful Savior. I LOVE that Song! It paints such a beautiful picture as it is sung.

Sunday afternoon we got together with Leif's mom and hid the final Easter eggs that she had for Jakob. They were Dinosaur eggs. So Jakob was in heaven. He started hiding the eggs himself while we were playing with the chicks on the grass. He got distracted and came over to tell us something. Just as he came we had noticed a bee flying around us. We were getting up to move when Jakob came to me in a bit of a daze and said "the bee was behind me." I didn't think too much of it until he held up his thumb and again said, "The bee was behind me." Then I registered what had happened. The bee had stung his little thumb. It hadn't really hurt initially. But by the time I registered what had happened it was HURTING him. Poor little Jakob! I have written about his true low pain thresh hold. Well, that came into play full throttle! I took him into grandma to see what they had in the cupboard for bee stings. Just as we got some litocaine on his finger he informed me that he was sick. We rushed to the bathroom where he lost his lunch. The very scary part was the color of his face, or the lack thereof. He was so whitish-green! I have never seen anything like it. Leif held him up so he didn't fall in the toilet face first. From there we laid him on the couch and gave him some benedryl and a Popsicle. He was so sick from it all! I felt really bad for him. I have cared for many, many children in my life so far. But I have Never seen a child react to pain in such a way as Jakob. His reaction is far from "in his head." It is a literal genetic issue that he inherited. But grandma Baron said that even Leif didn't react as extreme as Jakob. I am always amazed when he has an episode... Luckily he was fine after a short while and we went out and finished our hunt. As you can see, it was fun!

Leif's mother made a wonderful feast for us that afternoon. We were able to enjoy it with grandpa and grandma Dixon. MMM!

That evening we had a little bit of silly fun. I have really missed a bath tub for a long time. My good friend Harmony used a pool while she was pregnant to relax in. Her hubby rigged up a hose that can be connected to the shower. Well, we borrowed it. We set it up in the kitchen last night. It was actually fast and easy to set up and drain out. Jakob had a great time playing in "the tub." We've concluded that it will be a worthy investment. That night Leif and I watched a great show called Amazing Grace. We highly recommend it!!

Spiritually speaking this weekend was deep. I was overcome with deep thoughts that would not relent. Through prayer and a long talk with Leif I am feeling much better. But wow!...
We took the time each night before bed this weekend to read about the Easter story. One night we read it out of a story book. Another night we read it out of our big family Bible. It was neat to take the time to reflect on the true meaning of Easter.


Dawson Family said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. I love it when Glenn has a break from school. Homework is so time consuming.

Patricia Potts said...

What a beautiful, wonderful sharing Lena. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU AND WHAT YOU ARE DOING WITH YOUR FAMILY. I'm not surprised though. I always knew you'd be amazing! Will you send me your address again please?

Sandra said...

Cute little chicks! Poor little Jakob. I have screamers....they scream so loud when they get hurt and it takes them so long to get over it. From the pictures it looks like everybody had a great Easter. Awesome that it was Spring break too.

Janee said...

Fun fun! Hope Jakob is feeling better!

Karin Shannon said...

I totally understand about the pain episodes. Remember me always passing out. I am glad that he doesn't actually lose consiousness that is so freaky and it scares you for life.. I am excited about your chicks that is fun. I am glad that you let the spirit reach you in sacrament meeting. I love you.

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