Friday, April 17, 2009

Good Old Fashion Busy! -Cook Out With Uncle Jared-

I was working on the dishes this afternoon thinking about all that I have wanted to blog about and the research I have wanted to do. But it occurred to me that I have just simply been good ol' busy! Taking care of the kids. Playing taxi driver. Cleaning the house. Taking care of baby chicks. Going to meetings. Just being a mom and a wife. Now days, those things could be considered "Old Fashion." Cool huh! I like living that kind of life.:)

Our car is starting to complain these days. When we drive long distances it struggles to switch gears. This is unexpected. We're hoping that things will go smoothly and we'll be able to trade in our car and get a van for the same monthly payment price. Wish us luck! We're going car shopping tomorrow.

My brother Jared came into town tonight. He brought his girlfriend Rachel and her cute little girl Hailey. It was so nice to spend a little time with them this evening. We made tin foil dinners (our warm weather specialty) and had yummy smores for dessert. MMM! It was fun to show Jared and Rachel our little cottage. I always smile when we show it off because to others it seems so small and makeshift. To us, we know where we've come from and we're thrilled to be where we are.:) I only got ONE picture the whole night! DUH!!! There were some good times too... Jakob and Hailey hit it off right away. It's too bad we live so far away. I always love seeing Jakob play with a friend that he has a lot in common with. I wish we had more kids for him to play with. I have a high standard too. So that says something of Rachel and Hailey. Thanks for coming all of you! We had a great time!! Please come again!!

My Jakob is growing up! We went to his Kindergarten Registration this week. He met with his future teacher and she did a few little "tests" to see where he is scholastically and developmentally. He was average or above average compared to his future classmates. This of course made us happy seeing that Jakob will be the youngest in his class.

Jakob had his dance photo shoot today. He was the star of the afternoon. His charming little self got all of the ladies cooing over him. I was tickled by the fact that he was my little prince.

So, this explains a little bit of why my writing has slowed a bit. We just have a lot going on. It's not slowing down either. I just signed up for two classes at the Community College for this summer. English 102 and Creative Writing. I will be writing in my sleep! But it will be good for me to learn more of the technicalities of writing.
Life is good.


Dynamic duo said...

I love reading your blogs, Lena - they make me feel warm and happy! How can that be? You are just full of life and a love of life that is rare. Thank you for sharing so much. I'm glad, too you like to live the ole fashion way. I thought I was the only one. Maybe one of these days my dream will come true of it.

Sandra said...

He is soooooo cute! I love the little tux. Thats fun that Jared came for a visit. I too believe that living the ol' fashion way is the way to go!

Heidi Hamilton said...

Looks like a fun time w/ Jared. Cute picture of you 2! And I LOVE the pictures of Jakob. Holy Cow- that kid has such a heart-melting smile. No wonder all the girls were lovin' on him!

Faith 'n Family said...

I hear ya! It's WONDERFUL having a home and family to take care of. I love old-fashioned busy! Last night I indulged in your blog - It was hard to stop! It was fun to read back through your archive and find such inspiration. Your boys are SO cute - Jacobs dance pics are adorable! Any luck with a new car/van? Goats are SO much fun - I had them all growing up, and worked on both a cashmere goat ranch and goat dairy. They are a wonderful thing! Best of luck with your family farm!

Valen Baron said...

Jakob really is too cute! And Seth and I think your cottage is WONDERFUL! Good luck on finding a van!! Seth and I actually just traded my beetle and got a MUCH lower car payment than what I was paying! :) and it has 4 doors and is automatic, I'm so excited!

We miss you guys! I'm so glad to see things are going so well:) and tell leif congratulations for us!!

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