Monday, April 06, 2009

Caleb's Birthday Party

The first Monday of each month those of us in the family that live close to eachother get together for a Family Home Evening. It has been a wonderful experience. This month we celebrated Caleb's First Birthday. Leif's mom made us a delicious dinner. I made a cute cake. Thanks Erik and Stacey for the cute gifts. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Dixon for the sweet card. Thanks you everyone for celebrating with us! We had a great time! Here are the photos from his party.

I think I love this boy!

Caleb Loves Cars and Books!

The cake represents "Mama's Bright Eyes" My Caleb!

Jakob gave Caleb a little help.

Mama gave Caleb a WHOLE piece of cake!

Now that is cute!!
Grandpa was copying Caleb's latest sound "ooo"
Ohhh Yeah!


Amelia said...

Thanks for leaving a comment Lena! It is great to see where blog hopping takes us. Your boys are very cute!

Sandra said...

What a cute boy!!! Looks like he enjoyed his cake. It's a mess to clean up but so fun watching them. Happy Birthday Caleb!

Heidi Hamilton said...

Happy Birthday Caleb! What a cute cake - and a cute boy!

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