Monday, April 27, 2009

Jakob's Dance Recital

This weekend Jakob finally had his dance recital. I realized something while the days wound closer to the recital date. I am a perfectionist in certain ways. I could not just relax and enjoy the fact that Jakob was enjoying his dance practices. I really wanted him to KNOW the dance! Especially since he is the ONLY boy in the whole studio and I knew he would be the center of attention. In reality, all of this was pride, plain and simple.
Well, the day finally came and I just sat through the concert praying that I would just be able to enjoy his performance and that he would enjoy it as well. Prayer Answered! Jakob stole the show:) He remembered the most important parts and it was great! I know I would have been proud of him even if he didn't remember the dance -Really, I Promise! I'm not that prideful! But I was sure pleased with how well he did!

Here are some cute pictures. I am still working on getting a DVD of the dance. I'll post it if it's possible to get it. Thank you Larissa for bringing your sweet kids and grandpa for taking us all out to dinner. It was a great night!

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Janee said...

Cute! I can't wait until Maya can start activities!

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