Sunday, April 19, 2009

Self Reliance = The Key

Today we enjoyed a yummy chili dinner with a good family in our ward. After dinner we all sat around the table to chat. The subjects of discussion first started with the events of the day and how church went. As time went on the discussion led into the subjects that have become more and more common in our life. I am wondering if it is the same for you?

We started talking about food storage and emergency preparedness. Which led to the analyzing of why we are feeling so compelled to "be prepared" and what we are "preparing" for. Are these subjects coming up in your daily conversations? They are in ours.

The culmination of our conversation revolved around one subject. The following quote by President Gerald Ford states it perfectly: "A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have."

This subject is a touchy subject. But it is one that I ponder often. I feel that there is real reason for us to take the counsel of the prophets to prepare for a day of hardship and destruction seriously. Just as the saints during the great depression found strength in their preparations. Just as the saints during WWII found aid from their preparations. I feel that soon will be the day when we will find great comfort and life saving grace from our preparations.

There is know way of knowing exactly what we are each preparing for. I believe that it is different for everyone. But I do feel that it is not eccentric to say that great hardships are in our near future. We could go from one extreme to the other at this point and it could be true. We could say that there will be a great pandemic of Bird Flu throughout the world. Or we could just focus on the possibility of not being able to financially support our family. Either one of these scenarios could very well be the case within the next five to ten years.

We should not feel as though we are preparing for some great new calamity. Rather, we should just know that a look back in the cycles of history prove to us that a day of humbling is near.

Leif and I are going to try to do all that we can this summer to prepare for the time when self reliance will be the key.


Sandra said...

Yep Yep and Yep. I think it kinda freaked me out when I talked to my Mom and she said she thought there would be time when there would be no food at the grocery stores. Yaa for wise leaders who have advised us to be prepared.

Janee said...

I strongly believe in the concept of being prepared. It doesn't have to be some mass calamity that befalls us. It could be losing your job (something we've had to deal with this year). Either way, I agree, we need to be prepared. I ordered my tomato plant - I'll let you know how that goes :)

Heidi Hamilton said...

good insight - and GREAT quotes. Jason watches Glen Beck all the time & we have these discussions often - especially when we're allowing such terrible things to become acceptable in our society. God is a loving, forgiving, merciful God, but He also said He cannot support us in our sin - and we also believe that we will be humbled. And it will be hard. And it will also be good for us as a nation. Being prepared (but not fearing) can be difficult, but extremely important. Thanks for sharing!

Patricia Potts said...

Good reminder. Along with that kind of preperation I've found the need to develop emotional preperation through learning cognitive therapy etc. God has blessed us so richly these days with so much wisdom and knowlegs. I am so thankful.

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