Friday, April 03, 2009

Let The Fun Begin!

Well, we had a great day today! I am so thrilled about all that I/we were able to accomplish. Leif worked, got his homework done, planted some tomato's, got rid of some old car parts that were taking up space, and managed to help me around the house and play King Benjamin. I was able to get the house clean and organized, vacuum, dust, get papers filed, plant peppermint-spearmint-rosemary-lavender plants in planters and hung in the house. It feels Great!
After dinner tonight we were able to have our Family Home Evening. It was funny and cute. Though filled with laughter, it still got the point across. In fact, Jakob was so excited for conference that he was ready for bed an hour early (he didn't know it was early, and we didn't tell him;) We sang Follow the Prophet and We Thank Thee Oh God For a Prophet and then we introduced King Benjamin. It was raining outside. So he used a stool. Leif told the story of King Benjamin teaching on the tower at the temple. It was Very Cute! Just as we expected, Jakob is THRILLED with the idea of having a Conference Tent. We put up the ropes tonight and we'll hang the blankets tomorrow. We let Jakob mix up the trail mix for tomorrow and that got him excited about conference even more. We have a lot to look forward too...
Earlier today I found Jakob combing Caleb's hair. When I came over to see, Jakob informed me that he was fixing Caleb's hair for conference. Mohawks aren't my first choice for a conference hair-do, but what can ya say? I still think he's pretty cute!

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Ev said...

Wow you were ambitious today!! Accomplished alot! Great!! I need that motivation! Sounds like it was a really great time!!

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