Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Summer Trips

I have mentioned several times about our Summer Trip(s). I am finally getting around to "announcing" what are plans are. So here they are:
We are going to the California's Redwood Forests! We will be going with my parents. We are hoping that Leif's parents will join us too!! We'll be going the last week of May and two weeks into June. So it will be another long trip filled with beauty, fun, and Great Memories!! I am really looking forward to all of the beauty.
We'll explore the forests. Walk and drive along the ocean cost line. And explore the little villages sprinkled throughout the coastline. We are all VERY Excited! Jakob is especially excited to see the Fern Forest that Jurassic Park was filmed in. Now you can see why I am trying to condition my body for our summer ventures.
Later on in the Summer my mom's side of the family is getting together for our annual family reunion. It will be in Washington State this year. There is a possibility that we will go to that as well.

I also have Young Women's Camp the week after we get home from California.

And finally, There is a possibility that I/we might take the kid's out to Maryland this Halloween to visit my sister and her family.

It is a lot of traveling and some of those are still just possibilities in the works. But I am still really looking forward to some great experiences!


Sandra said...

Thats funny that you mention summer trips because Kevin and I have been trying to figure out our summer as well. Our little Lukie ookie wants to go camping so bad so we are trying to plan as many camping trips as we can. After looking at the calendar though it would be great if there were more weekends in the summer :) I'm sure your sister would love a visit from you! Sounds like fun trips.

Janee said...

How fun! You'll have to let me know the weeks you're in town cuz I was planning on escaping the valley heat and coming up north to visit you!

Karin Shannon said...

That does sound fun. We are going to Utah this summer for my sister-in-laws wedding. We are pretty excited about that. I didn't know the Westwood family reunion is still going on. I thought it was canceled.

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