Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Just Me Blogging

It's been a while since I've just blogged a post that is just me talking about our everyday life. I'll take a minute here and just blog.

I'm feeling so much better these days. I feel like I'm a functioning normal mother. On the days when I'm not, I am reminded of how far I have come and how truly grateful I am for the Lord's blessings. I have been led step by step to the things that I needed in oder to heal and find strength. So far the Gluten Free diet, Enzymes, Clarocet, and Weight Watchers seem to be the most helpful tools for my physical body. As I have regained my strength I am making more of an effort to nourish my spirit. I have a ways to go before I feel content in this area. But I am moving forward. Seriously, the basics of the gospel (prayer, scripture study, and church attendance) seem to be the most difficult of the commandments to keep for me. I think it is because they are among the most important to our Salvation. They are what strengthens our faith and keep us holding on.

I will be starting my first classes with Utah State University next week. I'm really looking forward to them. Two of my books arrived today and I've already started reading one because it seems so interesting. I'm taking Marriage and Family Relationships, and Balancing Work and Family. Yes, right up my alley of interest!

Home school is still going well for us. It takes A Lot of time out of my time. But it feels very worth it when I sit and ponder on the subject. Jakob and Caleb have both benefited from the experience. I am working on the plans for next year. I won't go into that now. Let's just say that it's on my mind.

Something else that is very much on my mind and heart right now is preparing my family for the "unexpected." Or actually, for the expected-yet unknown. A natural disaster. We are living in "The Times." Of this, I have no doubt. I want to feel as prepared as I possibly can for an emergency or for a time of crisis. Leif and I are working on our preparation. This subject will be a big part of our Summer project work.

My baby is growing up. JJ is 9 months old. Oh he is a jewel. So fun. So quick to laugh and smile. He loves to communicate. He loves music. It's not rare to see him bobbing his head to a song that 's playing or to hear him singing along. He isn't quite crawling. But he's got the Army Crawl down like a pro and he gets around very quickly. Precious Times!

Caleb is growing up too. They all are, am I expecting otherwise!?:) Caleb LOVES to be out in the sun. If he wants to go outside he'll come to me and say "Sun! Sun!" That comes from me sending the boys out to get sunshine. G&G Hunt came in to town last night and we met up with them for dinner. They gave Caleb a shovel and bucket. They couldn't have given him a better gift. Caleb has settled down for prayer time. He used to refuse to fold his arms sometimes and would act up during the prayer. I'm not sure what happened, but almost over night he's suddenly folding his arms and saying the prayer without conflict. I love those moments! Caleb is a precious light in our home. So silly and fun!

Jakob is as fun as ever. He is a precious big brother. He loves his brothers very much! He's come to a point where he is obedient and cheerful most of the time. And, sheesh, he's a bright one! I love watching his brain make connections! He's a joy to teach.

And My Man! Ahhh, yes, I love him! He's graduating this month. It is a huge accomplishment. However, he's still on the education road. So it's not the end of the journey. But still worth making note of. He's a good good man!

Well, It's my bed time! ... Oh! That's something else to make a note of, I get to SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!! WAAHHHOOOO! Yes, after 8 months, JJ is finally sleeping through the night. The night after we put all of the boys in the same room was the first night I had slept through the night since JJ was born! Amazing!

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Molly said...

Life is sounding pretty good right now. How wonderful! Good luck as you start classes.

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