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First Grade Home School Plans and Curriculum - My Plan -

Overcoming the Comparing Syndrome
For no real reason other then fatigue, I plopped myself down in my office chair tonight and told Leif that I was questioning my plans for home school curriculum next year. Being tired often clouds the emotions and tends to bring on the fear and doubt. Luckily, my sweet husband was in a good place tonight and was able to listen to my thoughts and concerns, validate, and reconfirm that in reality all will be well.  As he assured me of his confidence and gave me a few pointers I was reminded of how much I value his opinion and confidence in me. Thank you, My Love!

The fears that I had stemmed from comparison. I found myself comparing myself and our home school to the "Big School" teachers and routines. I was feeling kind of dull and boring. Leif reminded me that the teachers past Kindergarten aren't usually the most dynamic of the bunch. On occasion you'll find a bubbling, dancing, ever-jolly teacher. But most of the time they're just plain burned out and trying to get through the year. Well, when you put it that way... :) I think we can make this work, and make it a good year!

So let me share some of my plans and ideas.

Home School Assessment Testing
I've been asked if I used MindSprinting as a Free Home School Assessment Tool. Yes I did, and I am pleased with the results. If anyone else has any other recommendations I'm open to suggestion. But for now, I am happy to know that Jakob is right on target for the next grade.

Papa's Summer Camp
During the summer I will be really busy taking a couple of classes. Leif on the other hand has purposely taken the summer off to spend time with the kids. He will be directing the summer filled with fun and learning. Jakob is beside-himself with excitement. He LOVES to spend time with Leif!

Home School First Grade
Once my classes are over we'll start back to our school routine. Throughout the summer Leif is going to help Jakob understand that because he is older he has "moved up a level (video game lingo always helps)." This means that he is ready to spend more time in his day on his studies. So we will be starting school an hour earlier than this year and we will be moving through the day in a "centers" like fashion. We are also going to start the school day with a prayer and a scripture. The first center will most likely be a self-guided one to help me be able to finish up the morning routine with "the littles."

The Centers/Subjects that we will do our best to cover daily are:
Phonics ( and
Math (BJU Press Math DVD)
General Studies (
Gospel Studies (This lesson plan is still in the works, but I will list the resources that I will be pulling from:
LDS Children's Friend Online

Extra Curricular Activities
Although we are not overly concerned about our kid's "socialization" (they get out and about plenty.), but we do want to give Jakob a few more opportunities to get out from under our wings on occasion. We do however run into a wall in this regard because of where we live and the lack of opportunity that we have for our boys. So far the only extra-curricular activities that we can find are Dance, Gymnastics, and Baseball. Jakob has taken dance. In fact, he was the first boy ever to take dance in our community and he opened the door for other boys in the years since. But Jakob really wants/needs to interact with several other boys with similar interests. So Leif and I are hoping to head up a Science Club and possibly and Arts Club here in our community. We will not direct them. But we will organize them and help them move forward. I won't go into details now. But this is something that we look forward to in the near future.

Caleb is three years old. Jakob was 3 when he first went to a small in home preschool based after the Joy School program. I am sincerely hoping to find him a preschool that he can go to a few days each week for an hour here and there. Jakob thrived in preschool. I hope to give Caleb the same opportunity within the next couple of years. Unfortunately both of Jakob's preschool teachers no longer teach preschool. I am praying for  the right teacher to come along for Caleb! Until then, We use the Your Baby Can Read videos and he participates in our home school lessons along side Jakob and I throughout the day. He has blossomed considerably.

So, there it is -My Plan-
Let it be Written, Let it be Done!

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