Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weight Watchers and Wellness Update

I have been following the Weight Watchers Points Plus Plan for one month and 20 days. I have averaged a weight loss of 1.8 pounds per week and a total loss of 12.4 pounds and two pants sizes. So, needless to say, Weight Watchers really works for me!! I am not following it perfectly. I should track my points better. But I have tried really hard to keep within my points and it actually hasn't been very difficult.

In one way, I am lucky because my gluten and egg free diet restrictions cut out a huge amount of choices that I would otherwise need to make about what to eat every day. However, these restrictions have made it really difficult to eat healthy throughout my busy days. I have finally resorted to frozen meals and steamable bagged veggies. Still not a huge variety or ideal nutrition. But better then I was getting.

There is one more thing that has been a tremendous help for me with my weight loss and wellbeing, Cinnamon! I purchase cinnamon capsules at Wal-Mart (mine has chromium, which helps with sugar metabolism as well) and I take at least two with every meal and maybe more. I don't take any past dinner time. I have always been a bit hypoglycemic in the morning either way, so I don't need the Cinnamon until I eat. The cinnamon helps ease my sweet cravings, gives me energy, and metabolize carbohydrates. I know it helps for me! I have taken it for a couple of months and I clearly recognize when I don't take it for a day (bad cravings and less energy). It is likely that it has played a big role in my weight loss as well.

My wellness status as a whole is good. I feel good most days and I am VERY grateful for the improvement!

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