Monday, May 23, 2011

A Real Life Fairy Tale

Tonight we found our little family snuggled together on Mama and Papa's bed and lounging on the chairs near by.  Mama was lathering up the boys with yummy lotion after a nice warm shower. Papa seized the moment and turned on some calming tunes. With this perfect setting Papa began his bedtime story for the boys. Tonight's story was a real life fairy tale. It began something like this, "Once there was a prince who went on a search for his princess. He found her in the island's of Hawaii..." I will have Leif write the story and post it as a follow up to this post. But I just want to share a few of the thoughts and feelings that I had tonight as we closed our day with such a special story.

Before I was married I honestly never let myself daydream about who I might marry and what my life would hold. I knew I longed to be a wife and a mother with every fiber of my being. But I didn't dare dream up the perfect man for me. What if I never found him? This was my biggest fear for many years.

Tonight I need to let you know that I know with out a doubt that our Heavenly Father knows our hearts desire. He knows us! I know  my "fairy tale" might bring heartache to some. I truly ache for these people!  But I would be ungrateful if I didn't thank my Heavenly Father for my Prince Charming and the little princes and princesses that we have been blessed with.

Our journey down life's road so far has not been all "Happily Ever After." But it is far more wonderful then I could have ever dreamed.

The following is our fairy tale beginning story. If you want the "Real Life" Fairy Tale, the one where their Heavenly King reminds them who is the master in their masterpiece, feel free to skip on over to our main side bar story that shares the King and Queen's first not so "fairy tale" trial.

Once upon a time, a prince and princess lived on a paradise island.  The princess loved children and loved going to the beautiful beaches where she would bronze her skin in the glistening sun. The prince worked in a special castle as a healer and people would come from far off places to be healed on this island.

This prince and princess met and during their time together on the paradise island they would often go to the oceans edge, listen to the wave’s crash upon the rocks of the shore, and watch the stars twinkle and the clouds roll across the sky in the wind. One night the prince took the princess on a great vessel upon the ocean where they rode out to sea together and listened to music from the islands. Soon the prince and princess decided they wanted to live happily ever after together and the prince lovingly asked the princess to be his queen. The princess assured him that she wanted this with all of her heart. 

Without delay the prince decided to go with the royal accountant to the royal jeweler to look for a ring for his future queen. He saw piles and piles of gold and diamonds.  The prince wanted something special for the princess so he asked the jeweler to present his best diamonds.  The jeweler showed the prince two beautiful diamonds.  One of the diamonds was huge and the other a bit smaller. However, the second diamond sparkled like the stars in the heaven.  The prince chose this diamond.  Then the jeweler presented two smaller diamonds to fit next to the heavenly one in the center.  The jeweler said that these were called tear drop diamonds, but when place just right next to the center one it formed the shape of an angel.  The prince was pleased. After the ring was set in the jewlers best gold, the royal accountant paid for the ring.

The prince presented the priceless ring to the princess and to celebrate the prince and princess went to the special castle were the prince worked and went to the servants who lathered the prince and princes down in exotic oils and lotions while the court minstrel played music.  Afterwards, they went to a special feast were the cooks prepared a humongous cake covered in the finest ice cream and topped with a river of chocolate syrup.  They finished this off nearly bursting the seams of their finest garments.  

The prince and the princesses’ families were overjoyed that their children had finally found their hearts desires. Before very long, the prince and princess journeyed to their homeland to be married. It was here that the prince and the princess entered into the most sacred of all of their kingdom’s castles to be sealed together as King and Queen for time and for all eternity. Their heavenly king was with them on this day and they promised Him that they would love and cherish Him and one another for all of their days. They promised that one day they would teach their children about the true meaning of love and who brought them together as a family, never to be divided.  

The royal wedding was filled with all of the beauties of heaven and earth. After much celebration, the new king and queen road off into the sunset to begin their life together, and this was only the beginning of a real life fairytale…

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Heidi Hamilton said...

Awww- that is SO precious! Now you've got me trying to think what our fairy tale would be. Not quite so romantic I'm sure! What is the fairy tale equivalent to college? :)

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