Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Follow up and An Interesting Insight

I just want to follow up on this morning's post. Today was a great day. The afternoon and evening have been intense. But overall, it has been a good day and I continued to feel the peace that I felt upon waking in the morning.

This afternoon I planned out my schedule and strategy for the next 4 weeks of my new classes. It's funny how quickly we can forget how insane the schedule can become with some classes. Especially accelerated classes. Hold On for Dear Life! That's what I'll be doing for the next several weeks. Good thing I'm looking forward to the content of the class, huh!?

Now I'll move on to the "Interesting Insight" part of this post. Now, I need to put a warning here: Sensitive Feelings Ahead! Okay.:)
Well, this is the last week of our Home School year. To close the year I found a great website called MindSprinting that provides free Assessment testing online. Once the child takes the test the company tells you what grade level your child is at and what they need to do to reach their grade level or above.

So I took the math test tonight for an adult. I didn't sit down with scratch paper and pencil or a calculator. So I was a little lazy. But overall, I'm confident that the results are mostly accurate. Now, I knew that I was incredibly mathematically challenged. You think I'm just saying that with a little snicker, uh no, I am REALLY challenged. But I have never found a way to find out just HOW challenged I am, until tonight. Folks, you are looking at a University Student with a Second Grade math level. True Blue! Hence, why I haven't taken a single college math class. However, my college GPA is a 3.8.

So, now I ask the question: How in THE WORLD did I pass the second grade? Uh, fifth grade? Middle School? I know why I graduated High School (through the mercy of one teacher. She saved my future!) And perhaps, that's exactly what every other teacher was doing. Preserving my future. If I would have been held back at all, I would not have moved forward again. Even though I have been missing one of the most fundamental aspects of the adult world I have still managed to fight through and find success. However, I have another question: Is there a name for my dis-ability? This is one of my personal quests.

My struggle with math has led us to a Math Curriculum that is teacher-taught online or on a DVD. I found it today, and I am looking forward to learning right along side my kids.

So, there. I have once again managed to be brutally honest about myself on my blog. Somehow, I know you'll love me through it.


Heidi Hamilton said...

:) You know we all love you Lena!! And I love that you are keepin' it real.

And you know what - I bet you'll love to learn & grow more in an area you see as a weakness, but I'm pretty sure that when you reach those pearly gates, math is not going to be one of those things God looks at for entrance.
On a sidenote - have you used that site for Jakob? I'd love to see which level McKinley is on in Math & Reading.

Hesses Madhouse said...

Good for you! Way to face your weakness and find a way to overcome it. I'm proud of you! This is why I don't swim. I'm afraid of looking like a total fool, but I think someday I'd like to really learn how, but I'm OLD. Maybe you will be my catalyst to finally overcoming this fear.

Lena Baron said...

Lee Hunt:

"Sorry, honey, the math problem ain't my fault! I did really good in math until I got to trig!"

Lena Baron said...


"Discalculia. I have it. I also have disgraphia. There, now you have a name for it."
Lena: "Thanks!! So how did you find out the name? I'll google it. But I should get a diagnosis and find out how to work with it."
K: "I was insistant that I had something actually wrong with me math-wise. For some reason back in the day, they just didn't seem to recognize it as a learning disorder. I just was "math challenged." As an adult, I really wanted to know why it was so hard for me. I got tested. I have discalculia.
I also have no inner compass. I literally can get lost where no one else would. It is called disgraphia. My brain is just wired differently so although I got no help with the disorder - I at least got someone to recognize that there is something wrong with the way my brain works."

Lena Baron said...

I knew you'd all love me through it!!;) Thanks for your answers and encouragement. May we all overcome these earthly hurdles and find strength in them!! Good Luck ya'll!:)

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