Thursday, September 13, 2012

Another Day - Not Too Bad

Music! There is a power in music that reaches the soul. I know, that's not an original thought. But none the less, it is very true. However it's our choice whether the music is healing or depleting. At the moment I'm listening to "Mayberry" by Rascal Flatts. I Love a song with a story. I love it even more when I can relate to it's story. I have to consciously choose what music I listen to at different times in my life, month, week, day, hour. Music is that powerful for me. Now I'm listening to "This Everyday Love" again by Rascal Flatts. Now this is a song that puts words to my love and life with Leif. It's hard to find the words to explain a happy marriage sometimes. This song brings out the simplicity of the truth. Nice!

Okay, so my day... Well, we made it out the door this morning and Caleb only insisted on one clothes change before we walked into his school. Don't worry, I wouldn't put up with two... I don't think. Sometimes these days it's just easier to change the shirt, shorts, pants, socks, well you get the pictures. The fight can be more draining then the multiple changes. We're surviving though. Caleb loves school. He struggles with seperation anxiety a little more then normal which is hard. If I was feeling well I probably would give in and keep him home. But I know he is in a really good place and he would be miserable if he was at home. They take good care of him and I try to stay in touch with the teachers. Jakob is doing really well in school as well. I am personally thrilled by the fact that his homework load is light this year. This is a huge blessing for our family this year! He is able to finish it at the library after school while I pick up Caleb and update with his teachers. Then we can just have free family time until bedtime. Love It!!

My goals today were to take the van in for maintenance: Check!  Load the dish washer: Check!
The rest of the day I napped. I chose a color or two to repaint my bedroom. Found weathered wood out i the yard to make a DIY headboard (way excited about this!) and I bought latex stain for the outside stairs. I fed the kids (chili over corn chips) So nutritious, I know! Last night was cereal, bananas, and yogurt. Lovely! Caleb whined for salad tonight at dinner! Where did I get these kids anyway!?;)

I felt Extremely strange today. At one point I told Leif I felt like I was on speed (not that I have a clue how that really feels:) Yet, my body felt SO Very Tired! It's the strangest feeling. The "speed" feeling comes from a medication I take and the Crystal Light Energy I drink sometimes when I have to do a little more then the norm (like leave the house more then to take and gather children.)

So now it's 10:20 and I really need to get to sleep. Leif and I dedicated and listened to a few love songs together for our "date night" tonight. We've been dedicating songs to each other and posting them on our "Love Letters Along the Way" blog. We've got a great list of songs that fit us just right so far. Leif worked on making them in to a CD for me today. I can't wait to listen to it and raise my boys to jam out to sappy love songs:) Especially when they tell them the story of their parents love for each other.

Speaking of Love,  I can't believe I almost forgot to mention this!!: Guess what I got in the mail today!?
Do you remember this from one of my recent posts? YeP! My Love surprised me with this sweet clock today!:) It's hanging in our living room and Jakob's first comment was that it reminds him of our family (silly and wild.) I completely agree! Thank you My Love!!


Molly said...

Nice post. I so agree with the music. I have music playing most of the day. I have different kinds: clam music, music for cleaning too, happy music when I just need to sing and dance, and music for when I'm sad. Most of the time, the calm music is what I like to have playing.

I like your tracker. Could you have imagined, back in May, that would would make it this far? You've done great and each day that passes will take you closer to the end.

What colors are you thinking of painting your bedroom with? The owners of the house we are in right now has every room painted a different color. Most of them I don't like, but the downstairs living room is bright yellow and the Master bedroom is light blue. I like those. They are happy and calm.

Take care.

Sandra said...

That is so great that he got you the clock, what a sweet hubby!

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