Thursday, September 27, 2012

Things Definitely Got Better!

If you read my previous post you read that I have obviously had some fatigue I'm fighting. But what's new, right?:) Well, the good news is that I did find several really good hours of great energy. So my house isn't a disaster and everything is sanitized. Yippee!!

But the best part of the story is that Leif surprised me and ended up coming home for the last couple of days. We were able to finish up and start on a few more projects and just have an all around good time. Lately he's been coming home in the middle of the week. So I've often had him all to myself (enter, evil laugh;)No, really it's just been so nice to have those few hours together while the kids are in school. Lovely!

So, now he's back in Flag preparing for a midterm and taking care of a few loose strings on our home front and he has no stress at all... Not! Some how we can't ever really get too far away from it all. But I'm truly grateful for the days and moments when we seem to be able to shut it out for a little while.

I have some really great photos of life and all of its smiles throughout August and September. That is my goal for tomorrow, to post them. So stop by again soon to catch a good glimpse into our fun and funnies!

1 comment:

Molly said...

Doing a little happy dance for y'all!

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