Saturday, September 15, 2012

Good Times!

Good Times! We have had a wonderful weekend! I feel very tired. But content. Content for me is very unusual and such a good feeling. The kids have played all day without watching any movies or Netflix. Although, they are watching Night at the Museum at the moment. I put on a DVD for them so I could take a bath. Another very nice thing.

This afternoon just as I was feeling the desperate need for a nap my brother in law came home from work and offered to take Jakob and Caleb out to the hills to cut wood for the winter.  They ended up having a great time and JJ and I got in a good nap.

:):) Have I ever mentioned that one of my favorite sounds is the sound of my children laughing :):) -It's a funny movie.

Well, I made cookies and had people to visit with and space to send my kids throughout the day. So I feel blessed.:) It's time for bed. I am so very grateful for these weekend breaks. But I did still find myself busy the entire day feeding - cleaning up - feeding -cleaning up- refereeing - feeding - ... Well, you get the picture. And you know the feeling. Someday I do hope for a getaway that lasts long enough for me to sleep, eat, and work on hobbies uninterrupted long enough for me to ... to what? Feel content? Didn't I just say I was content... Hmmm? That's what I get for thinking too deeply.

All is well. Leif is doing well in school. We are being taken care of. I get to go home this week and work on remodeling my bedroom. At the moment I have decided on the paint colors Desert Rose and an accent color of something like a cranberry. I guess if I have to look on the bright side of having Leif gone, it's that I can paint our bedroom in a pink tone and he's okay with it:)

Well, It's time to say goodnight. :)

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