Friday, September 14, 2012

It's the Weekend: Time to Get Away!

I have become very grateful for my husbands family. Especially during this time when Leif is away. Up until recently Leif was often able come home for visits on the weekends. Now he is working/training at the hospital on Friday and Saturday. So this has left the weekends up to me, alone with the kids. Let's just say it only took one Friday to realize that this wasn't going to work at all!! My husband's good brother and his good wife live an hour north of us in a beautiful small community in the valleys between two National Parks. Their home feels very much like heaven might feel to me. It is filled with love and so much beauty not only in their home but surrounding their home. The air often sells of Cedar or Lilacs. Okay, sometimes it smells like farm animals too:) But that's what being out in nature is all about. Natural.:)

Anyway- These good friends (family) of ours have agreed to let the kids and I pretty much move in with them on the weekends. I Love it! The boys Love it! And I hope/think they enjoy us most of the time as well. :) I feel abundantly blessed!

I have decided that my sweet boys are wonderful road trip companions (90%) of the time. I am also very grateful for this!!

I am now being serenaded by the melodious sounds of my sweet little rascles all breathing deeply or mumbling   every so often as they journey through dreamland. I think I will follow their lead and call it a day as well. I felt strength today. I needed it and I am so grateful for it! Thank you all for your love and support, by the way! It means a lot to me!

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Sandra said...

What a great break

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