Saturday, September 29, 2012

Letting Toddlers Eat in Bed: IS a Choking Hazard!

I've heard the warning dozens of times! In fact, I've probably been tested on it in one college course or another. Question: Should children be allowed to eat in bed? Answer: No. Reality: It is often A LOT easier to just give in and give them the apple they want, tuck them in, and proceed with the evening. Until the reality slaps you in the face! "What's That Sound!?"... Choking!!

Tonight Caleb(4) asked for an apple after I had tucked him back in to bed way too many times to count. Tired of his fussing, I handed him the apple without too much thought or the guilt that has occasionally proceeded the same scenario in the past few years. Apples, crackers, a piece of bread, it's always something. Dinner just never seems to cut it until they fall asleep at night. And we won't even start on the guilt I feel about the whole teeth rotting thing.  My fear has always been the possibility of them choking and me not hearing them when they really need help. But as I have said many times, we often have to learn the hard lessons of life through personal experience. Tonight I learned a lesson.

Luckily Caleb's bedroom door is practically in my bedroom. So when he started gagging I was able to hear him and get to him quickly. But his lips were already blue. I turned him over(head toward the floor) and pounded his back, hoping he wasn't too big for the infant Heimlich. He actually kind of was. It wasn't until I started thrusting his upper stomach area that the perfectly sized piece of apple peel that had blocked his wind pipe finally dislodged itself from way back in his throat and flew out of his mouth. - Way Too Close! I was really shook up.

But you know what Caleb did once he caught his breath? I was scooping him up onto my lap thinking about the potential disaster we had been spared from and all Caleb wanted was the rest of his apple. SERIOUSLY!?  Needless to say I held him and visited with him as he finished his apple. It will be a really hard habit to break in our home, but my kids won't be taking any food to bed with them anymore! - Lesson Learned!


Sandra said...

How scary! that would shake anyone up. No food is aloud outside the kitchen in our house. The only thing that is allowed is popcorn when watching a movie. The kids don't ask for food in bed. I can see how it would be a hard habit to break.

Harmony said...

Oh my word, how scary! I am so glad that it turned out O.K. I can only imagine how terrifying that must have been. Thank you for sharing I have been there before too. ANYTHING to just get them to sleep. I am keeping you in my prayers.

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