Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Smiles and Not, And Fun Up Ahead!

Do you think it might be a little counter productive to have the A/C going on one side of the house and the Heater going on the other? Yeah, I don't think I would be considered very "green.":) September is the month when we're trying to acclimate from being constantly hot to being cold. So I just try to find a happy medium... :) Just Kidding. I just realized what had happened and thought I'd write about it.:)

Tonight as Leif and I visited over Skype we were just about to say goodnight and pray together when I said "so does my face look like I've gained weight?" :)  Leif was smart and just gave me a half smile in silence and I was smart and changed the subject.:) Some things just don't need to be said!

You know, I could end there and you might all think that my day has been full of witty smiles:) So... Maybe I should.:) Naaa, I'll be honest and tell you the whole truth. I got a lot done this morning and afternoon. My goal was to sift through the mounds of clothes that I had piled in my closet and organize for the winter and Goodwill. I reached that goal today. But it must have come at a cost. Because I was not at my best this afternoon with the kids. I feel so bad on days like this. But I'm still kinda bugged too. Jakob was Really pushing my buttons today! And Caleb's whine!! Uggg! But the day is over now, right?? Thank Heavens!  I'm praying for a better mood and energy tomorrow. Tonight my head was so heavy...

Let's end this on a good note, shall we? Well, I "calendared" with my dear Mother-in-Law this afternoon and she has agreed to watch the boys for us for a few nights in November so I can go to Flagstaff. Technically, I am scheduled to be in a meeting all day one of those days for the Head Start program (I am our representative here in Fredonia.) But that means that my travel, food, and hotel will be paid for during part of my stay. AND, it just happens to be scheduled on November 7th and 8th. I Really wanted to be with Leif on Election Day, which just happens to be November 6th. So Yippee for a fun few days with my hubby in the future!! Something great to look forward to!

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