Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Weekend... Lovely Weekends!

We sure enjoy our weekends these days! I am so grateful for family and the blessing they are, especially during this time in our lives.

The kids are outside playing, playing, playing! I'm especially tired today. I've tried really hard to keep moving. But I think I'm to the point of requiring a nap. So, I thought I'd say hello now since I won't be able to later (bedtime's too crazy here.) And now I'm off for a little snooze. (I hope!)

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Leif said...

Love your posts! I glad you are having a good weekend. I am also so glad for family who can help take care of you while I'm gone.

Also, I saw you haven't had many comments lately, so I wanted to make sure you knew that I do read them always and love getting a different peek at your life while I'm gone.

Love you! Leif

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