Tuesday, February 03, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I was Tagged on Facebook several times to write
25 Random Things About Myself. This is what I came up with:

1. I HATE talking on the phone. Once I am talking to someone I'm fine. But my family members are the only people that I talk to on a regular bases by phone. This weird phobia started after my girl’s funeral and someday I guess I’ll have to overcome it. Until then, I’m grateful for the Internet.

2. I failed in school from Elementary through High school.

3. I live in a 700 square foot makeshift apartment (AKA “The Barn”) with my hubby and two kid’s, and I Love it!

4. I must have a clean house in order to happily function. But I avoid doing dishes like the plague. The environmentalists’ would hate me for filling up the land fills with paper products.

5. I try to live a healthy lifestyle. But I don’t think I’ll ever go completely “holistically healthy” (even though I’m studying to become a Holistic Health Practitioner.)

6. I know that if my husband dies, I will NEVER remarry because I will not find anyone as perfect for me as he is.

7. I served 10 months of my mission on the Great Lakes Navy Base in Chicago (Navy Boot Camp and Navy Training Center)

8. I was serving on the Navy Base on September 11th.

9. I have been a nanny for 24 children. The oldest is already in college. That makes me feel OLD!

10. I Love to travel! I love to tell my son stories about things that I experienced while living in several places all over the country.

11. I have a set of twin daughters in heaven.

12. I really like jackets, coats, sweaters, and accessories. When you have boxes of coats in storage you know you might have too many (but I have also been many different sizes throughout the years ;)

13. I have discovered two new passions in the last two years: writing and health research.

14. I Love to read! I read a new series of books during the first trimester of every pregnancy. The next will be the “Faith of Our Fathers” series about the Civil War.

15. I have a few weird OCD issues: I hate having cupboard doors and drawers open if they are not in use. My husband has to shave his facial hair if it gets to the point where he can twist it in his fingers or I’ll go nuts! I have taught my 4 year old about avoiding germs to a fault.

16. I have OstioPenia (one step better then Osteoporosis) in my spine.

17. If possible, I try to sit at the end of a table while eating a meal with several people. This stems from where my seat was at the table as a child.

18. I don’t have very many secrets; almost to a fault. I have to be careful not to share too much about my world with people.

19. I follow politics and the news of the world.

20. We do not have public or cable television in our home. The only show we watch is Extreme Makeover Home Edition on

21. I had a fear of driving and did not get my drivers license until I was a junior in High School. I still don’t like to drive.

22. I was the owner and director of a national Nanny Agency.

23. My husband was my first kiss. ;)

24. I have toured an active Navy Battle Ship.

25. Unless it is required otherwise, I have to use a Blue Ball Point pen!

1 comment:

Harmony said...

I didn't know your husband was your first kiss mine was too! Something else we have in common.

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