Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Fun!

We had a lot of fun this year for Valentines Day. Jakob did all of his class Valentines all by himself (well... almost:) I folded the cards, he drew the pictures. I wrote his friend's names, he wrote his name. I was really pleased with how he took it seriously and was able to finish all 15 cards before he left for school.

Jakob's Valentines party was on Thursday the 12th. I dropped him off to school and then I went to the hair salon to get my hair done. This was my Valentines gift. The girl that did my hair did a great job!! I am still happy with my hair even after several days. I haven't even taken the scissors to it. I FINALLY found someone (other then Leif;) who can do my hair up to my expectations! I even had her wax my eyebrows. :) It was SOOO Nice to feel like I was up to date again. Really, I just love having color weaved through my hair... Love IT!

Anyway, after my hair was done I looked outside and there was a blizzard of snowfall. So I decided to head over to Jakob's school early and hang out with him instead of going home and traveling back in the snow.

We had so much fun! Jakob genuinely enjoyed having me there with him. It was nice to have the special time (Thank you grandma for playing with Caleb;) As a mom I was of course paying close attention to everything as I was playing with Jakob. His teacher is FABULOUS!!! She fits so much learning and growth into their school days. She is VERY positive and upbeat. I am so grateful for her!!! Jakob is doing great in school. Academically he is up to par. I was also pleased to note that he naturally followed the teachers directions. He had friends (particularly the other boys) who still goofed around a bit. But he resisted the urge and just enjoyed what the teacher asked him to do. Of course inside I was beaming with pride!:) It was a great experience!

When we got home from school Leif was home (a special treat!) We poured out Jakob's valentines and Read all of the cards and Jakob marveled at all of the candy. I made a small book of blank paper stapled together for Jakob to use as a scrap book. He taped all of his valentines into this book. He likes to show everyone all of the cool cards:)

Precious Times!

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