Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Run Down

Well, it is 1:20 AM I have had a list of things that needed to be blogged for weeks. So tonight I decided to make the sacrifice and Just DO IT! So, you can scroll down and read about our valentines day festivities, a family wedding, my new hair colors, and a fondue dinner. Those are my latest posts on this blog. Stay tuned tomorrow and I'll tell you about a classic "Small Town" activity, Donkey Basketball!!

I finally updated the boys blogs tonight too. Tomorrow I hope to add a few great recipes to my Mama's Kitchen blog. And Finally, tomorrow I WILL finish my blog book and send it off to the press. So stay tuned;)


Molly said...

Thanks for all the updates. It was fun to read about the wedding, Valentines Day and the joy of childhood. Have a great day.

Sandra said...

Wow lots of updates but 1:30 AM WHAT ARE YOU DOING UP? he he. Sounds like a fun valentines dinner!

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