Sunday, February 22, 2009

Larry H. Miller

Salt Lake City is feeling a bit empty this weekend. One of it's greatest supporters and friends has passed away. As a child I grew up watching Utah Jazz basketball. As a youth I began to go to Utah Jazz basketball games. And when I became a wife Utah Jazz basketball is what keeps my husband connected to his basketball passion in life. And all the while through my Jazz basketball journey, there was Larry H. Miller.

Larry H. Miller is the owner of the Utah Jazz basketball team. He passed away at his home due to health complications and Type II Diabetes. Larry Miller was the type of man who did not demand the fame and fortune that is his. He earned it. When you heard the name of Larry H. Miller it was always accompanied with a good action or a good word. Even when it was a story about him being reprimanded by a referee during a basketball game, it was still backed by his passion and dedication to the Jazz team.

He has been a great example to the whole state of Utah and beyond of the classic saying, "where there's a will, there's a way!" Throughout my growing up years in Utah great things happened. Salt Lake City was accepted to host the 2002 Olympics. Larry H. Miller was there in the middle helping make things happen. I am a member of the church that Larry Miller belongs to. There have been many times that rumor's had it (almost always being true) that Larry Miller funded this... and Larry Miller offered his private jet for that... One of the most recent being the Joseph Smith Papers project. This project was a great undertaking and it required a large amount of funding and support. Much was offered by Larry H. Miller.

I could go on and on about this good man. But I will stop here. I just wanted to add my thoughts to the thousands that are circulating this week about this great man and his great mission fulfilled. Thank you Larry H. Miller for setting an example to us all. And thank you Gail for sharing him with us!


Lena Baron said...

Comment By Lee Hunt (Dad): that was very good, but it was Huntsman Sr. who always let Pres. Hinckley use his private jet.
I'm not sure if Miller even had a private jet. He was a car man!

Lena Baron said...

Yes, that is why I put that some were rumors, but MOST of the time they were not...:)

Patricia Potts said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. I didn't know parts of what you said. It was a beautiful and wonderful summary. I shared it with my friends.

By the way, we loved the movie Fireproof too!!

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