Sunday, February 22, 2009

Today: Sick At Home On Sunday

I wanted to write about today. We didn't go to church today because of how contagious we all are. So we decided to have primary at home. The following was our program:

Opening Song: I Lived in Heaven (led by Papa)
Opening Prayer: Mama
Family Motto: We are all on the same team! (led my Mama)
Talk: Sacrament Time (Read by Jakob and Mama)
Music Time: Musical Dice (Led by Papa)
Sharing Time: John 14:27, Where Can I Turn For Peace (led by Mama)
Closing Prayer: Jakob
Lesson: Restoration Movie

We obviously had a great day at primary!! We watched the Glenn Beck conversion story this evening (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) Glenn Beck talked briefly about peace during the show, I was thrilled when Jakob picked up on it and said "nice that he talked about peace..." Lesson Taught!

This afternoon Leif and I took Jakob outside to begin one of our latest projects. Jakob was Absolutely THRILLED because we took him outside and we were actually going to play dinosaurs With Him! We went out and all of us set up dinosaurs throughout the yard in different scenarios. We then took Jakob's Book of Mormon action figures and made it look like they were hunting the dinosaurs. Leif then took pictures of all of these scenarios. Bet you can't guess what the next step will be:) Yep, A Book! We're all going to write a book together. Right now we have two titles for the same book (just directed to different crowds) First: Dinosaurs in Zarahemla or Dinosaurs Among the Nephites. Second: Dinosaur Hunters. It will be a silly but fun book for children. Hopefully one that my kids will enjoy reading to their kids.


Dynamic duo said...

You are so creative! What a great idea. I love all the fun things you come up with for your kids.

I hope you are well or at least getting better!

Sandra said...

What a fun time. I'm sure he loved it. I like the Dinosaurs among the Nephites :)

Crane Family said...

Hi I found you blog when I googled picked mango. You were the first blog I went into. I'm LDS to and my husband's extended family is from the islands. His grandmother just sent us some picked mango. He hasn't ever had it and I don't know what to do with it. It's kinda scary looking. So now that I sound like a crazy lady, let me get to my point. I was looking for a recipe that I can use it in like chicken. Can you do that? I don't want to be wasteful but I'm a little nervous. I have some 5 spice and was thinking since pickled mango has that it might go together if I sauté it. Sorry if I'm wasting your time and thanks for any help..... By the way, I'm totally doing the dinosaur thing when it warms up

Lena Baron said...

Hey There!:) I'm glad you found my blog. What a small world:)
Yes! You can definitely cook with Mango. Just make sure you don't cook or eat the peel. It won't kill you, it's just not meant to be eaten. However, if you notice that anyone gets itchy hands from holding the mango's it's because of the sap on the Mangos. Some people are allergic. ANYWAY, yes, you can cook with mango. I really don't have any real recipes with Mango because unfortunately we don't live on the islands any more and Mango just isn't the same here. But you can google Mango Chicken recipe and come up with one. Mangos aren't easy to cut up. Don't feel bad if it ends up being a mess:) Only the true locals on the island could cut up a Mango and have it turn out beautiful:) I like to eat Mangos fresh as a side. But I think stir frying it up with fresh broccoli and stir fry veggies with chicken adding some Tarriyaki sauce eaten over rice would be awesome too! MMM! I might just do that tonight;) Wish I had the fresh mangos though... The good ol' days when I could go pick them off the tree... we actually had a neighbor that would put his leftover mangos in a box an place it in the middle of the sidewalk. So anyone who walked by could take some mangos. I Love The Island Ways!!! Sorry for the tangent!!:) Good Luck and HAVE FUN!:) Mangos and cream are good too!;)

Nicole said...

You're very creative. If I had to stay home on Sunday I wouldn't be doing primary. Where do you get Book of Mormon action figures?

Lena Baron said...

You can get the Book of Mormon Action Figures from Deseret Book. This website has them too

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