Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Leif's Update

Life for Leif has been crazy lately. Honestly, things won't really be letting up from this point on for the next 8+ years. This is what we are still trying to wrap our brains around. I know we'll survive. But WOWSERS!

Leif took the Nursing School Entrance Exam a week or so ago. The national average score for the test is around 60%. His score was 90+%. That is very comforting to me. It is a blessing to have an intelligent husband! I'm very proud of him!! He's working on gathering all of the paperwork and things to apply to the MCC Nursing Program. I'm not worried about him being accepted. This is another blessing!

Right now he has retreated into a fantasy book. But he Most Definitely deserves the reprieve!


Molly said...

Horray for Leif and his excellent score!

Sandra said...

That is excellent. I hope all goes as planned.

Patricia Potts said...

Congrats. I visited a friend at a nursing home on Monday. She began to vomit and immediately there were 4 - 5 persons there to attend her. She had pneumonia after open heart surgery and was weak. It was a male nurse that changed her clothing and redressed her. He was so caring as he chatted while doing his work. I was very impressed. My friend has a trach in and couldn't talk but he did a beautiful job in what could have been an embarrassing situation. Sounds like a score of 90% would indicate not only skill and compassion. I'm thankful for men like Leif and this young man who will stand up and be counted for compassion and charity.

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