Sunday, February 22, 2009

RSV Recovery and My Book

I know this might sound terrible, but I feel like I have been on a bit of a vacation for the last four or five days. Yes, we have been quite sick. But it has been really nice to have reason and an excuse to just SLOW DOWN.

We have all been sick. Caleb and Leif have been the worst this weekend. I was sick for a week before everyone else came down with it. Luckily Jakob has just had typical cold symptoms(hopefully that's all it ever is.)Once Leif comes down with something bad, I feel like it's alright to just take naps whenever and for as long as we need to. We haven't gone anywhere except for the hospital and the store either. Caleb has slept a lot so I have been able to sleep when I wanted to. So as sad as it is to have a sick baby and husband, this time I've been grateful for the excuse to just relax.

I have been able to accomplish a lot on the computer this weekend. As you may have seen, I finished my book. It turned out to be a project. Not a horrible project. But I did have to scan in some of the pictures that I wanted with this volume and I selected backgrounds for each individual page and set up the lay out. But I really like doing that kind of stuff. So it was GREAT! Some people really like to scrapbook. I REALLY like to do this kind of scrap booking. I am the QUEEN of Copy and Paste, and this program allowed me to use that talent:) I was also able to add other articles and things that I had written outside of my blog and include them in my book. I am so pleased with the outcome! It seems like a lot of money. But it was DEFINITELY worth the money!!! For all that is included in my book, I was ready to pay up to $100 for it. These books are priceless (I'd like to think so anyway...) I have had some of you (my fellow bloggers and friends) say that you only wish your blogs were as insightful as mine. As if what you write on your blogs are not valuable. I say YOU'RE CRAZY! You might not write as much as me, but everything you put on your blog has value and it should be preserved. If anything, it is a Great way to compile your photos. Just HAVE FUN!! You WILL NOT regret it!

I have also started to dive into my Holistic Health Practitioner studies. That has been really interesting. Unfortunately, there are not enough hours in the day to fit all of what I want to do. So I try to keep a good balance and tell myself that in the end, it will all get done and the most important thing will be what I have done as a wife and mother. If I can keep that in mind and really believe it, I'll be fine.

Can you believe that I have created ANOTHER BLOG??:) Yep! For school I have to write a lot and analyze a lot of different subjects. So I decided that instead of just having everything sit in files on my computer I would blog it so I can Make A Book (of course;) The blog is called: Healthy Mama's Notebook if you're interested in following.

So, we've been sick, but we're doing well. Caleb didn't have to go into the ER today for nasal suctioning. Leif feels well enough to go to work tomorrow. And Jakob and I are fine.

Thank you everyone for your sweet notes of encouragement and Love. I am so grateful that Caleb's RSV wasn't near as bad as it could have been. I feel truly blessed!!!


Wendy Babcock said...

You definitely give a lot to learn from. I don't know that I could manage all that you do! You are darling with all that you do for your children. I love the primary at home idea.

Patricia Potts said...

Hi Lena,
How was last night. I wish I could have gone. I want to see photos!!

I have created a FIRST-AID booklet in my medicine closet with lots of natural remedies for various illnesses. I could send it if you like. I also found great HEALTHY SNACKS if you are interested.

You are so cute and ambitious. You truly are engaged in things that are of good report and praise worthy. I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!!

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