Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fire Proof Your Marriage!

FIREPROOF is a movie created by Christian producers that is both entertaining and inspiring. They have produced a show that depicts the marriage relationship of what I predict might be the story of 70% of the married couples in our country. I highly recommend this show to everyone! They have also created a website that has several tools for strengthening a marriage. I was going to write more about marriage on this post. But I used all of my blog time writing the post titled The "Marriage Lifestyle" vs. The "Marriage Covenant" So you can read that for a run down of my strong feelings about marriage.



Kristen said...

My husband and I LOVED this movie. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it.

Sandra said...

That's funny that you posted this because for Valentines when Kevin and I were at the hotel we got to get a free movie and this is the one we chose. The bad thing was the DVD player in our room didn't work? They even brought in another one for us but then the TV somehow wasn't signaling it through. So we gave up, how is the movie? Do you recommend it?

Heidi Hamilton said...

Glad you loved it, Lena! The beginning acting isn't exactly "oscar-worthy," but if you can get through that, the rest of the movie is fantastic. I am telling all my married friends to watch it. I also am going to try and get the Facing the Giants DVD from the same director.

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