Sunday, February 01, 2009

Get Makayla Shannon To The Mayo Clinic

I have a precious cousin named Makayla who is very sick. Her mother, Karin, and I grew up together and in many ways feel like sisters. Karin had many health struggles that made life very difficult for a long time. However, Karin was healthy for the most part while we were little girls. Makayla is not. She is 7 years old and very sick. Perhaps one of the most difficult parts of the struggle is that the doctors can not define exactly what the problems are. This makes it very hard to solve the problems.

After much prayer and initiative on her parents part, Makayla has been accepted for an appointment at the Mayo Clinic. This is a great blessing. However, it is one that comes at a great financial cost. This is where we all come in.

As family and friends we have wondered what we might do to help Makayla. We have finally been given a tangible chance to help. We can send a little blessing there way by helping Makayla's family pay for her treatments at the Mayo Clinic.

I have set up a Facebook Group called "Get Makayla Shannon To The Mayo Clinic" this is just a way to keep things organized a bit. We are going to collect as much money for them as we can and hope to show our love by giving them the money on Valentines Day. We thought that day was appropriate. If you are interested in helping Makayla, please let me know, or join the Facebook Group.

We truly pray for you Makayla! Your light has blessed our lives. Keep holding on, little one!

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Sandra said...

I got your message, I know Kevin mentioned his parents getting an account but I don't think he has talked to them yet. It would be easier to have them open an account close to them so they can get to it easier.

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