Monday, February 16, 2009

Seth and Valen Baron Married in the Las Vegas Temple

The superstition of Friday the 13th did not apply this year in our family. We were able to attend a beautiful wedding ceremony in the Las Vegas temple. Leif has an adopted brother named Seth. He met a wonderful girl through and they ended up getting married.

We drove out to Vegas in the morning and (thanks to my Young Women Laurel, Brittney for watching the kids) Leif and I were able to attend the ceremony with all of his family except for Ian and Molly (we missed you guys!, but we understand it's too far to travel.)

The Las Vegas temple president is the former General Authority, Elder Stuki. He performed Seth and Valen's wedding. It was so special. There wasn't a dry eye in the room by the end of the ceremony. Elder Stuki encouraged Seth and Valen to always remember the little things. He talked to them about nourishing their marriage day by day. The spirit was very strong throughout the whole ceremony and the rest of the afternoon.
That evening we were all supposed to meet at The Olive Garden for a wedding dinner. Unfortunately, no matter how hard we tried the restaurant wouldn't allow us to make reservations. When we got there, it was an hour+ wait. So, it was decided that Chuck a Rama would be the new place for the dinner. I tend to be a lot more formal sometimes, so this didn't feel quite right in my opinion. But in the end, it turned out just fine and we all had a good time! Seth and Valen were good sports.
It turned out to be a Very Special Day!

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