Thursday, February 12, 2009


I have been trying to think of what I might do or give to my mom for her birthday. I finally came up with this. I hope it brightens your birthday mom and lets you know that I have tried to value all of the many blessings that you are and have given me in my life!

This is a list of qualities or memories that revolve around my mother. There is one listed for every year of my moms life. Happy Birthday Mom! I Love You!

Making sugar cookies with Mom and selling them to earn money for Disney Land

Mom has strong organizational skills. While all of us started keeping track of our life and brain on a computer, she has steadily kept track of the rest through filing systems and archiving. I really appreciated her experience when she came to help me during the first weeks of starting my business, she organized my filing system and that saved me throughout my time as a business owner.

Gardening in the yard at dusk, I was the Miracle Grow girl.

Thanksgiving in The Baron Barn

Home made Play Doe

Amish horse and buggies along side the car in Missouri

My missionary open-house dutch oven dessert party in the back yard

Mom has always taught us the value of keeping ourselves put together. Her talent for doing hair was just one way she taught us all at an early age how to groom ourselves. I remember how much I valued the hours spent just focused on me while she cut or permed my hair.

Mom was the mastermind behind us having a carnival in our back yard to earn some money.

I’ve always admired what a great visiting teacher mom is. I especially noticed this after I was in Relief Society and have a Visiting Teaching responsibility.

Christmas Tree Hunting

I came home from Hawaii a few months before my wedding. Mom and I worked side by side for those few months preparing for the wedding. We worked in the yard, chose my wedding dress, picked out flowers, and had a great time…

Catching Lizards in Southern Utah

Mom used her skills she gained with Hunt Mysteries to help my sixth grade class with our school play.

Mom has always been an excellent cook. She taught me how to follow a recipe as well as create my own recipes.

Concert Choir Tour

Mom taught me how to keep a clean house. We all had our different jobs and responsibilities that went along with keeping the house clean. We were not always perfect at the time, but we were taught and this has been a blessing in my life.

Day trips to the canyons


Mom helped us learn how to give. I remember doing the 12 days of Christmas as well as Sub for Santa around Christmas time.

We were taught the value of family relationships by Mom’s whole family. Growing up with mom’s siblings and their families gave us an added abundance of Love and support in our life.

Walking along the Jordan Parkway and talking about life and it’s vicissitudes

Draper Temple Open House

Mom always presented a full and delicious meal every night. Sundays would almost always be a roast with all the fixings.

Walking in the wind in Fredonia with my girl friends, mom, and Heather.

Hiking the National Parks and exploring the riverbeds and trails

We have all been taught how to grow and harvest a garden. Mom taught us how to maintain and use the fruits of our garden.

Flying to Texas with mom and dad for Jays temple sealing. Exploring a cave, walking along the San Antonio River Walk, and eating barbecue in Dallas Texas…

Mom knows how to have a party! Halloween parties, Family parties, Millennium Party, Christmas parties, Party! Party! Party!

Mom was in a Family Home Evening group. She filled two file boxes full of folder games for Family Home Evening. I remember the Garbage Mouth and the Heart of Gold games :)

Dressing my Rhea in a white dress together on the night we let her go…

We have always known that the gospel is important to Mom. Going to church and living the gospel was just a way of life for Mom.

Young Women’s Camp

Silver Dollar City

My mission president called home a couple of times to make sure all was well at home (because letters weren’t regular.) He got up at Zone Conference shortly after one of the phone calls to my mom. He asked us to guess who’s mom said “You tell her to keep her pantyhose on…” I said that it had to be my mom. I was right!

Mark Twain and Hannibal

I called home to tell my mom that I had met a guy (Leif) after I rambled on about him, she said “I’ll get the yard ready!”

Camping throughout Utah. Mom taught us how to maintain a luxury campsite.

Mom taught me how to make a menu for a family, a lesson that has been valuable throughout my single and married life.

Cruising to Mexico with Mom and Dad and Jared

Mom always sent wonderful care packages when I lived away from home. Her favorite holidays are Halloween, Valentines Day, and Christmas! But every holiday is fun with mom!

The 4-H Club

Chelsea and Ashley Spencer

Mom is a Master Gardener. Anything that she puts her mind and touch to in a garden setting will flourish into a beautiful array of color and delight.

Carthage Jail

Getting on the plane to Boston to be a nanny…

Joy School

Florida Keys and the Gulf Coast with Mom and Dad and Jason

Mom showed us her ability to give Christ-Like service to those in need when she took ShirleyLou Davis under her wing.


Young Women’s Camp


Stringing popcorn and cranberries as a family to decorate an old-fashioned Christmas tree.

Mom has the ability to make anything she puts her mind to beautiful. Whether it is a simple Sunday dinner or a grand wedding reception, with mom’s creative touch, it is going to be beautiful!
I Love You Mom!
Happy Birthday!


Dynamic duo said...

You are such a doll. I love keeping up with your blog. Thanks for sharing so much about you and your family.

I tagged you in my blog. Check it out for the rules. Take care and keep posting!

Heather said...

That was beautiful Lena!. Thank you for the list.

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Lena's mom. What an amazing tribute to your mothers. Aren't moms the greatest blessing? Your mom is a wonderful woman and she has raised a wonderful daughter.

Patricia Potts said...

Lena, this is such a beautiful tribute to Nancy. I remember Trisha once wrote a poem with things like that. I still have it hung in my bedroom.
God bless you fy friend.

Harmony said...

Happy Birthday Lena's mom. It has been fun getting to know you one the times you have visited here. Great job Lena and what a thoughtful gift.

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